The Ontario-Montclair Schools Foundation is dedicated to helping children achieve their college and career dreams.

We accomplish this through the Promise Scholars program which works to ensure all students have opportunities to achieve their college and career dreams through post-secondary education opportunities.


Program History:

Promise Scholars originally evolved from the Ontario to College (OTC) program.  OTC began in 1998 in an effort to encourage students in Montclair to go to college.  The program was piloted at several elementary school, middle, and high schools.  Students in the selected schools were automatically enrolled in the program beginning in fifth grade, and were promised upon completion of the program two free years of post-secondary education at Chaffey College.

The program proved to be very successful, and the number of students attending college from these schools increased from the district average of 29% to 56%.  In 2011, it was decided that a program like this should be implemented district-wide.  A promise was signed by the superintendents of the Ontario-Montclair School District, Chaffey Joint Union High School District, and the Presidents at Chaffey College and CSU San Bernardino.  They promised to provide all students in the district with:

  1. Early college exposure and preparedness
  2. A place at partner colleges with completion of the college prerequisites and meeting of the minimum eligibility index
  3. Assistance with financial aid after applying to college

Since the initial promise, Promise Scholars has added Cal Poly Pomona as a partner university included in the promise.  In the 2013 – 2014 school year, Promise Scholars was able to serve 7.300 students and will continue expanding programming to full capacity over the next several years. Programming was accomplished through the help of over 300 volunteers.


Steps to Success:

Promise Scholars focuses on planting the seeds for college early, starting with students in the 5th grade, and continuing to inform them about college every year until the 12th grade.  Our Steps to Success  depicts the different programmatic element implemented at each grade level to help our students learn about higher education.